Sunday, September 08, 2002

IN A SWIMMER'S DREAMS. Everyone picks on Hollywood for one reason or another. Some condemn Hollywood for inundating children with images that glorify violence, sex, and drugs. I condemn it for misleading people to believe that, if they become a competitive swimmer, there's a chance they'd have one or more fans for it. I was recently floored when a teammate of mine suggested that the whole swim team watch the movie Swimfan as a group. I was baffled, too; how could any swimmer not realize that the movie would be horrible without needing to see it? Any movie running on the premise that a swimmer had a fan other than his mom or dad is doomed to be just as lame as its premise. Maybe I'm only reacting as a result of my environment. Sure, swimming isn't very popular where I live, and perhaps I'm a poor sport about it. However, I doubt that the movie's plot happening in real life in any way is plausible, no matter what part of the world you live in. It's not like anyone's ever been hospitalized as a result of attending a post-swimmeet party unless it was because they fell into a coma from sheer boredom, and I'm not sure as to whether a post-swimmeet party has ever occured. None of this is what ultimately matters, and that is that there's someone out there that likes swimming and has enough money to waste on a movie that can't help but be lame. If I can find that person, perhaps I can come up with a scheme to get him or her to give me lots of money. If that doesn't work, I can just write a movie with that as the plot; it's more plausible than Swimfan.